Office of Admission

Admission Fast Facts

Candidates interested in The John Marshall Law School should review our admission statistics pertaining to applications, LSAT scores, student demographics, and class size.

2014 Applicant Statistics
Approximately 2,000 applicants
75th Percentile:154 LSAT/3.5 GPA
50th Percentile:150 LSAT/3.26 GPA
25th Percentile:147 LSAT/2.88 GPA
Average Entering Class
Fall:300 (250 Day, 50 Evening)
Spring:60 (40 Day, 20 Evening)
Student/Faculty Ratio:16:1
2015-2016 Entering Class
Out of State:33%
Median Age:Day, 23; Evening, 27
Alumni Statistics
Illinois Bar Passage Rate
JMLS First-Time Bar Takers (February 2015):71%
(State Average: 80.5%)
JMLS First-Time Bar Takers (July 2014):85%
(State Average: 85%)